Honored To Attend: The 2015 No Kid Hungry Heroes Dinner in Beverly Hills

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Never prouder than when I get to stand as an ambassador with my No Kid Hungry family.

Never prouder than when I get to stand up against childhood hunger, as an ambassador for No Kid Hungry

Never prouder than when I get to stand up against childhood hunger, as an ambassador for No Kid Hungry

Tonight, I got the honor of getting to taste many a fancy food from many a fancy LA restaurant at the fancy Four Seasons in the fancy city of Beverly Hills, being seated next to many fancy people.

But the real honor was getting to join No Kid Hungry in Arkansas in April, where I had the opportunity to learn all about the efficacy & impact of breakfast in schools. I learned that when breakfast is served in schools in the classroom, visits to the nurse’s office, visits from social welfare and absences are reduced by 75%. SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT!! 

I don’t know about you, but when I’m hungry, I can’t even function, let alone learn what I’m being told to learn and be civil. Thank you, No Kid Hungry for keeping our kids fed so that they can be fueled so that they can flourish. Love & appreciate you, Shore family & Share Our Strength.

I’m doing this for my father, who grew up in a home with teen parents in Eagletown, Oklahoma, who often went to school with his belly empty, and was helped to get that belly and mind full, by many a kind stranger, so that he could later go on to graduate high school and college, armed with a dream, to become a success story in Dallas, Texas.

Breakfast – and kind souls – makes dreams dreams come true.


Be that kind soul.

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