Red Velvet Everything

Red Velvet Everything

Red Velvet Everything

R E D. V E L V E T. E V E R Y T H I N G. ❤️ When my friend Ning and I decided it was time for one of our dine & dish affairs to properly catch up, she immediately thought of the red velvet pancakes at her neighborhood fave, Larchmont Bungalow.

I was a little skeptical…but highly intrigued. And, now that I don’t have to fit in 14 dresses for Grammys weekend, today was our day to get our red velvet indulgence on.

A full-on tasting of their red velvet pancakes with sweet cream cheese filling, red velvet waffles with crème anglaise and fresh blackberries, the Jambalaya omelet, their latkes with lox, poached egg, and their take on the traditional potato pancake accoutrements of sour cream, apples and chives made for one very filling fix of a brunch.

The best part was that Ning and I got to chat more than the normal 10 minutes we get at most events we attend, and made future plans. Now, to pay the price at Pure Barre Beverly Hills at noon.

Parting (and reality) is such sweet sorrow…

Tapas & Talking Points

Tapas & talking points

Tapas & talking points

We met last year with No Kid Hungry and now here we are. Welcome to LA, Silvie Snow! And, what a way to kick it off with tapas & talking points for two at Pour Haus Wine Bar.

From new chapters to new presidents, politics to pretty products, philanthropy to family, public policy to peppers, ideation to idiocy, and cheese to changing the world, we think we have it just about covered.

Sure, it might sound silly, but we don’t think so.

After all, it really does take just one forward thinker – with their heart in the right place – armed with a pocketful of prowess, a half-tablespoon of chutzpah and a gallon of gumption to make a real difference in this world. Watch us go. 🙌


A Different Kind Of Dream

A. D I F F E R E N T. K I N D. O F. D R E A M. 🙌

Open yourself up…to a different kind of dream

Open yourself up…to a different kind of dream

I moved out to LA in 2000 to be an actor.
I became Barbra Streisand’s personal shopper.
Then, I became a country singer in the heart of LA’s Americana scene in a sweet, little americana band called Hawkeye.
The band broke up, and I moved to Nashville to be a country singer and songwriter. 
After Nashville didn’t work out as exactly as I planned, I moved back to LA, with my tail between my legs.
A heartbreak or broken dream or two later, I started a blog, and everything changed.
If you had told me back then, during any of those failures, that those dreams would come true – they would just look a little different than I had pictured – and I would get to be my authentic self for a living – I would never have believed you.
What I’m saying is this:
Sometimes, we have a dream and we give up on that dream when it doesn’t come to life exactly as we pictured that it would.
But, sometimes – if you just open your mind and heart to the endless possibilities out there – those dreams evolve.
And, they turn into even better, bigger dreams than you had ever hoped, or even dared to dream.
This past weekend was a dream weekend for me, as I’m sure you can imagine.
I attended Grammys parties on Friday, drove out to Palm Springs for 18 hours for the Modernism Week kickoff to toast the talk of the town – and my dear friend – designer, Christopher Kennedy. Sunday, I attended the Clive Davis party as a guest of Cover Girl, where I witnessed the coolest musical evening I’ve ever experienced. And, yesterday, I attended the Grammys for the first time, and in a beautifully full circle moment, caught up with all of my old music & recording family at the afterparty.
Today, I’m running on very little sleep from the past 4 days. While, I’m hoping I can string together sentences for a meeting later today, I just can’t wipe this darned smile off my face.
Here’s my message for you.
Dream big.
Work hard.
Tell people what you want.
Help other people reach their dreams.
Do everything you can to get there.
And, then…
Leave some space open for a different kind of dream, because sometimes…those are the BEST kind of dreams.

Chomping at the bit to tell ya…but I can’t

Can't wait to #KissAndMakeup with y'all!

Can’t wait to #KissAndMakeup with y’all!

I am licking my lips and chomping at the bit to tell you guys about this caring campaign I’m teaming up on with Tarte Cosmetics & ByStander Revolution to help fight cyber-bullying. 🙌

But, for now, I must be patient.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing how YOU can get involved in making a big, heart-filled difference in this world with something as simple as a little “kiss!”

Stay tuned…

💋💋💋 #KissAndMakeup

Dawnspiration: Trust The Alphabet

Trust the alphabet

Trust the alphabet…

T R U S T. T H E. A L P H A B E T. 📧

I am telling, y’all. 🙌

If there is one thing I keep learning over and over, it’s that anytime I have a bad day, it is always followed by a better one, filled with unexpected gifts.

Yesterday, I felt downright rejected and today, I feel downright celebrated.

So, if you’re having a bad day, do what I do:

I sit alone in silence and unplug from everything for 10 minutes. Sometimes, I meditate and peacefully zone out and sometimes my mind races and I can’t keep up. Whatever’s going on, I breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling. And with each breath out, I mentally say, “I release that which does not serve me,” and with each inhale, I mentally repeat, “I welcome all miracles and positive change.” The more I do it, the more open, soft and malleable to change, I become.

Try it for yourself, and see if the next day isn’t just a LITTLE bit better. And, please write in and share your experiences with me! (



*Lip balms: Lippy Loveys by Robin McGraw Revelation ($3.95 each)

Disappointment & Arnold Palmers

Disappointment & Arnold Palmers *Sunnies ℅ LAMB

Disappointment & Arnold Palmers
*Sunnies ℅ LAMB

Today, I had the loveliest lunch with Christeen of Angeleno Magazine at Porta Via today.

It was the perfect midday break – filled with shrimp salad and Arnold palmers – in Beverly Hills in the middle of a busy week that feels more like summertime than February.

Today, I also received a little piece of disappointing news.

But, I have learned that I rarely experience any kind of loss without love or levity being born from it.

Sometimes, a dose of disappointment can end up opening up something as simple as space – space you didn’t even know you needed – in which something else can bloom.

As we move forward into this week, I say this for us all: “Let us peacefully let go of what is not for us, and be open to the possibility -and beauty – of the unexpected.” 🙌🍹🍹


Daily Delights: An at-home happy hour

An at-home happy hour

An at-home happy hour

Who says you have to leave the house to have a happy hour?

Not I said the fly.

Some of my happiest moments have been spent right here at home.

Today was a – “go on a long walk, hit the @PureBarreBevHills, come home and shower, slip into your jammies and let your hair air dry” – kind of day.

I got SO much done by 5 pm that I poured myself a glass of Amarone, allowed myself a small indulgence of 2 dark chocolate caramel wedges and got promptly back to the grind.

Just wrapped up now for the day, and I hear a guy with roses calling my name…with a side helping of laundry, of course.

Discover your daily delights… 


On Living Healthy today: My Interview with my teen (& today) idol, Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford's Diet, Fitness And Skincare Secrets

Cindy Crawford’s Diet, Fitness And Skincare Secrets

Who saw the iconic Cindy Crawford Pepsi commercial featuring James Corden during the SuperBowl yesterday?

I sure did, and it was like seeing an old friend.

One of the highlights of my life was getting to meet and interview my teen idol, Cindy Crawford.

Today, our interview is up on Living Healthy for you to enjoy.

It’s so rich in insight and tips, running the gamut from self-confidence to skincare, insecurities to inspiration, weaknesses to weight maintenance, glowing to Good Morning America, diet to Dr. Sebagh, Meaningful Beauty to motherhood, how to teach your children to be kind, and even a little Dear 15 Me advice.

I can honestly say that I am even more inspired by her today at 38 than I was when I was 15. And, how many people can say that about their teen idol?

Thanks, Cindy for, well, being Cindy. And, happy (almost) birthday!!


I won the SuperBowl…of personal permission and freedom

The way I do the SuperBowl...

The way I do the SuperBowl…

As I’ve mentioned before, this year is all about balance for me – finding that elusive balance between work life and social life, and trying to carve out a distinction between the two when it comes to my career of being an extrovert.

Today was an excellent exercise in this.

I had to cancel Super Bowl plans for two different parties today to make sure that I could meet a deadline and finish some open projects before a busy week ahead.

I thought that I should just stay home and be terribly responsible, but my good friend Amy and I had made plans to walk and talk this morning. So, I decided to add some balance to my day, and honor that commitment.

We ended up going on a walk through her neighborhood of Larchmont/Hancock Park, and then, came home where she made a delicious farmers market-fresh lunch of veggie burger with fresh avocado toast and market greens with homemade dressing.

One of the most challenging parts of growing up is learning when to say yes, when to say no, and not regretting either answer.

As I headed home to write this afternoon, with a few taunting texts about missing the big game peppered in there, I realized that I was already a touchdown ahead because I had honored what I needed my Sunday to be for me. I may not have won a ring this Super Bowl Sunday, but I have won something much greater: personal permission and freedom. 🙌🏻🏉🏆

Puppies and porridge…and not taking anything personally

Puppies and Porridge

Puppies and Porridge

Porridge and puppies for breakfast – with a side of The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz before barre class this morning.

I read this book back in 2009, on my dear friend Trey Fanjoy’s suggestion, but reading it again now is a whole different experience. I wanted to revisit it because I especially needed a little reminder of that 2nd agreement:

Don’t take anything personally. Oy vey.
What are the 4 agreements? These:
1) Be impeccable with your word.
2) Don’t take anything personally.
3) Don’t make assumptions.
4) Always do your best.
Do you try to live your life this way? Something to think about before Saturday sweeps us away into the weekend.