See What’s Possible…with Neutrogena

“Because ‘beautiful’ is the ability to look in the mirror and BELIEVE that anything is possible.”

I love everything that Neutrogena's #SeeWhatsPossible campaign is about

I love everything that Neutrogena’s #SeeWhatsPossible campaign is about

I love the Oscars. I always have and I always will.

Because, to me, the Academy Awards are all about dreams coming true and memories being made.

When I watch them, I dream a bit bigger and have a bit more hope that my dreams will come true.

So, when I heard about Neutrogena’s new, powerful Neutrogena See What’s Possible” campaign, that will be making its broadcast debut at the 88th Academy Awards tomorrow, Sunday Feb. 28 (7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on ABC) I knew I had to be a part of it.

See, I know it’s my job on this planet to encourage people to live lives they love, to empower people to realize that their unique differences are what will make their dreams come true, and to help women feel their most beautiful, simply by being their most authentic selves.

Through thousands of hours meeting with women around the world, Neutrogena uncovered a universal truth – women are stepping back to examine what’s possible in their lives so they can pursue their dreams.

Always on a mission to create, innovate, and rethink what’s possible in skincare, Neutrogena identified this shared value and was inspired to launch its first-ever global campaign: “Neutrogena See What’s Possible.”


Voiced by Brand Ambassador and creative consultant Kerry Washington, the inspiring ad features real women following their passions and finding their purpose.

The empowering video brings to life the brand’s point of view on beauty, namely what really makes a woman beautiful is the ability to look in the mirror and know that anything is possible.

Neutrogena Brand Ambassadors including Kerry Washington, Jennifer Garner and Julie Bowen, and beauty vloggers from seven countries will share words of encouragement in the brand’s first global digital video series.

Here in the United States, the brand has forged a partnership with Girls Inc. – an organization I’m a big fan of – whose mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

Find your inspiration by viewing the campaign on the brand’s “Neutrogena See What’s Possible” website and Neutrogena YouTube channel, and discover inspirational content on the brand’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels.

You can also join the conversation by sharing your own personal stories and words of encouragement, and use those to empower other women across social media by using the hashtag #SeeWhatsPossible.

I also don’t think it’s an accident at all that I’m posting this video right before I go speak to 100 teen girls about living a life they love. Not an accident, at all.

We need more of this in the world, please.

For more information, visit here.

*This is a sponsored post by Neutrogena. While products or compensation were provided, the words and opinions are all my own. I never post about something I don’t believe in 100%. That’s just not who I am. Thank you, Neutrogena, for letting me be a partner in this powerful campaign.

Dawnspiration: Monday got ya down?


Man, isn’t this the picture of Monday in a nutshell?

Reluctantly shifting back into action, tugging on our leashes, biting the proverbial hand that feeds us?

I met this little guy, Skates, on my walk today in Hollywood, and felt that his adorable resistance could be a message for us all, today. See, we all know that life is a gift, but we often forget that making a living is also a gift. You might not like your “leash,” – many people don’t 100% of the time – but I bet you like the life it affords you to have. Until we all are granted trust funds from God, and I don’t foresee that happening in the near future, it looks like we’re all gonna have to make peace with that “work” leash, and learn to loosen our bite on it a bit. Speaking of trust funds, don’t waste time being jealous of the trust fund kids – in my experience, they’re often just as lost in finding their direction as the rest of us, if not more.

And, sure, if you are struggling every day, you might want to look for another profession, but before you start looking for a job responsible for feeding you and your family, I would recommend finding an outlet that feeds your soul. Something to warm up to, if the work day leaves you feeling a bit cold.

So, start today.

Do something today that makes you feel good.


Give back.


Be entertained.

And, happy Monday!

Don’t you know?

Today signifies a week full of possibilities in front of you.

Sandra & Lynn…and Pamela: Body Image & Our Personal Power To Make The Choice

Today on my walk/run, I listened to my dear friend Lynn Chen’s The Actor’s Diet podcast from last year, and her guest was actress, Sandra Oh, of Grey’s Anatomy fame.

This perfectly imperfect fallen leaf reminded me of myself, and of all of us. Our imperfections make us beautiful.

This perfectly imperfect fallen leaf reminded me of myself, and of all of us. Our imperfections make us beautiful.

As I saw this perfectly imperfect fallen leaf on the ground, I found it to be no accident that Lynn and Sandra’s conversation about body image and the pressure of a preferred body type in Hollywood was playing in my headphones.

Lynn: “Do you believe the pressure to look a certain way exists…for real?”

Sandra: “The pressure exists, and the pressure cannot exist…at the same time. It comes down to ‘What voice am I going to follow?'”

Lynn: “How do you quiet that voice when it is screaming in your head?”

Sandra: “Sometimes, I give my voices a name, ‘OK, just breathe, Pamela. I can hear you, Pamela. I know you’re angry.”

I’ve heard Pamela in my head a few times too, I think.

Girl gets around.

I met Sandra Oh last spring, when we were both invited to a gifting meeting by a fashion designer, & our appointments were double-booked. So, we basically had to shop together, which some actresses of her caliber might not exactly be comfortable with. She was with her mom, who is beyond adorable, and to see them interact was the sweetest thing ever.

As the designer offered to give her everything, I was amazed at how genuinely grateful and gracious Sandra was.

There was no entitlement.

No ego.

No expectation.

Just gratitude.

I realized listening to the podcast today, how we really do have the choice of how we want to be.

Are we going to feel entitled and feel disappointed when life is short of our expectations?Are we going to feel let down by people who don’t live up to who we want them to be? Are we going to see billboards with women with less body fat – or a bigger cup size – than us – and then feel like less, or feel hate for our bodies?

I sure hope not.

And, I hope that more conversations like this can occur between all women and girls, so we can learn to calm those vicious voices in our own heads.

I also hope that when Pamela rears her head in Sandra’s head, she hears my voice of gratitude now.

Thank you for leading by example, lady. And, thank you, Lynn Chen & The Actor’s Diet, for giving us a platform on which that dialogue can occur.


Stars for breakfast..while feeling like a star

Stars for breakfast, with a side helping of feeling like a star, thanks to the ladies of the Dress For Success Going Places Network.

Stars for breakfast, with a side helping of feeling like a star, thanks to the ladies of the Dress For Success Going Places Network.

Stars for breakfast!

I gotta admit – I was feeling like a star myself this morning as I was multi-tasking to the extreme – sneaking bites of star toast in between working on a piece about accomplishing your goals, rolling calls and finalizing details for an interview with one of my life icons, tomorrow.

Then, I looked to the right of my laptop, and there were the kind & inspiring words from my @DFSwest ladies – and stars, themselves – yesterday. It was almost too much for this l’il heart of mine to take!

At each of my smaller speaking engagements, I create a “Feel Good Wall,” with the name of each guest on the top of a sheet of paper. Their fellow guests write below each name their positive first impressions of the person, glowing attributes of the person that they think they should know, and any positive thoughts of that person that come to mind.

It’s all about giving each guest a tangible piece of love, kindness and confidence that they can take home with them, and look at when they need it most. 💗🌟



Dress For Success Going Places Network: Who’s inspiring whom?

So honored to spend my morning speaking about creating your brand, social media as a tool, embracing your power, nurturing yourself and living a life you love to the women of Dress For Success Going Places Network.

I was there to inspire them, but I left feeling like I was the inspired one.

I was there to inspire them, but I left feeling like I was the inspired one.

The first thing I talked about?

My mom being a full-time community college professor, CFP & CPA – and a full-time mom – and learning my work ethic and drive from her, while still balancing femininity.

My theme? “Kindness is key” – both with others, and yourself.

The women I had the pleasure of speaking to today are bright, kind, assertive, hard-working, creative, loving, nurturing stories of success and survival. I hope I inspired them half as much as they inspired me.

Gratitude is the best attitude! (And donuts are the best morning treat!)

Gratitude is the best attitude! (And donuts are the best morning treat!)

And, you KNOW I brought something sweet!!


Preparing for Dress For Success: If I can inspire just one woman…

Working on a speech…to inspire others…to live a life they love

Working on a speech…to inspire others…to live a life they love

Spending this cloudy Monday afternoon, prepping for my Dress For Success talk tomorrow morning in downtown LA.

For 2 hours, I’ll be coaching women in the Going Places Network & talking to them about creating their personal brand, social media profile & professional identity.

I find myself overwhelmed with all of the things I want to say to these women: the experiences I want to share, the struggles we all have as women, and the successes that are often just waiting for us around the corner from those very struggles.

I’m sitting here, pen to paper, asking for guidance – as I always do before a speaking engagement – for the words that will help me improve just one woman’s life or inspire just one woman in that room.

If I am able to do this, I will have done my job.

Here we go, Dress For Success