When Inspiration Hits: #CupcakesAndCreativity

Just my favorite kind of Friday.

Cupcakes and creativity. Let's hashtag that, shall we? #CupcakesAndCreativity

Cupcakes and creativity. Let’s hashtag that, shall we? #CupcakesAndCreativity

Any writers out there?

Know that feeling when you’re going along, and – all of a sudden – WHAM!! – inspiration hits?

Today, I had a voiceover session, went to a movie matinee of Joy, and then came home and went on a walk with the pup.

I had 3 mini cupcakes sitting patiently on my kitchen bar, and on the walk, a rhyming children’s story unfolded about the said cupcakes.

Came home, where I sat for the past 2 hours, scribbling away in baby blue pen until the story was out on paper, and finally on my laptop and then printed.

I swear…creative inspiration is the closest feeling to falling in love that there is out there.

If you’re searching for a little of it yourself, may it strike you smitten soon. 💗🙌

Happy weekend, inspired ones!


Like The Necklace Says…INSPIRE

Like the necklace says, I have a job to do on this earth: INSPIRE

Like the necklace says, I have a job to do on this earth: INSPIRE

A few years ago I attended an event that my friend Nicole Myden hosted for her jewelry client, Nalukai, at the time. I wore the necklace they gifted me with for a solid year. Then I placed it on my jewelry stand, where it has been hanging, lost and forgotten, amongst all the shiny things I’ve accrued since.

Yesterday, I watched my friend, Gabby Bernstein’s video, in which she spoke about sharing your gifts and not feeling like a fraud doing so. She talked about speaking your truth and not feeling guilty for being paid for the gifts you have to offer. I so needed to hear that.

As I got into bed last night after sharing a deeply personal Sunday night eclipse experience, I went to turn off my bedside light and spotted the Nalukai necklace, where it has been hanging on my jewelry stand for over a year. I haven’t noticed it there before. On it is inscribed: “INSPIRE.”

The wording on this necklace never spoke to me. All the guests had received different ones as gifts and I remember wanting “love” or something. As I looked at it, I got a chill – the good kind – as I realized that that is EXACTLY what I am here to do: to inspire, as much and as OFTEN as possible.

Here’s to an inspiring week for us all!



Just A Girl And Her Dog…And The Moon

Just a girl and her dog, watching the Total Lunar Eclipse/Super Blood Moon…and waiting patiently for new beginnings

Just a girl and her dog, watching the Total Lunar Eclipse/Super Blood Moon…and waiting patiently for new beginnings

I know that I’ll remember this night forever.

Just a girl and her dog, sitting on the side of her building, feet dangling precariously off the ledge, looking up at the Total Lunar Eclipse, watching the sky turn to a plummy hue, right as the moon says good night.

I’ve read that Total Lunar Eclipses are times of major shifts which bring endings to certain aspects of our lives, in preparation for new beginnings. One of my best friends captured this moment right before he told me that he’s considering a big life change. There was discussion, there were hugs and there were tears.

This has been such a strange 6 weeks, filled with old chapters ending and entirely new books beginning.

And I don’t know what any of it means. I also know that I don’t have to.

That’s not my job.

My job is to sit here on the ledge, with my feet dangling off, soaking up the moment, not knowing what’s above or below me, in front of or behind me, trusting that whatever it is, I am exactly where I need to be. I am being pointed in the right direction every day, while the sun shines on me in the daytime and the moon winks at me come night.

May this eclipse bring us new beginnings bigger than we could have dreamed.



BF QOD: Moment with Marilyn Monroe #1


"I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes. I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." (Marilyn Monroe)

May it serve as a reminder to us all.

Whether we need to be open to someone kind, get rid of someone unkind or just be a little more forgiving of ourselves: yes, yes and yes.




BF Asks:  Can you relate to the magical words of Marilyn Monroe?