Red Velvet Everything

Red Velvet Everything

Red Velvet Everything

R E D. V E L V E T. E V E R Y T H I N G. ❤️ When my friend Ning and I decided it was time for one of our dine & dish affairs to properly catch up, she immediately thought of the red velvet pancakes at her neighborhood fave, Larchmont Bungalow.

I was a little skeptical…but highly intrigued. And, now that I don’t have to fit in 14 dresses for Grammys weekend, today was our day to get our red velvet indulgence on.

A full-on tasting of their red velvet pancakes with sweet cream cheese filling, red velvet waffles with crème anglaise and fresh blackberries, the Jambalaya omelet, their latkes with lox, poached egg, and their take on the traditional potato pancake accoutrements of sour cream, apples and chives made for one very filling fix of a brunch.

The best part was that Ning and I got to chat more than the normal 10 minutes we get at most events we attend, and made future plans. Now, to pay the price at Pure Barre Beverly Hills at noon.

Parting (and reality) is such sweet sorrow…

A country breakfast always feeds the soul

Southern country breakfasts always feed the soul.

Southern country breakfasts always feed the soul.

A great breakfast with a great friend, Chris Richards at The Hart and the Hunter.

As much as life is changing for both of us, a country breakfast always stays the same, fueling our bodies, filling our hearts and feeding our souls.

#TemptationsForever 💗 


Shame on the Moon: Wine Monday at Sofitel Wine Days

Wine Monday. What? It's a thing.

Wine Monday. What? It’s a thing.

As Rodney Crowell once wrote & Bob Seger once sang, “Shame on the moon.”

I have been feeling a little out of sorts all day today and, well, I blame the moon.

Luckily, @SofitelLosAngeles invited me out for a little private tasting party to kick off their #SofitelWineDays at @EsterelRestaurant.

There’s nothing I’d rather be doing on a moody Monday. ‘

So, yes, shame on the moon, but hooray for wine flights!


Now, I’m sad I’m not going to the @RodneyJcrowell & @emmylousongbird show at the El Rey.