Know your worth.

Know your worth.

As some of you know, I do quite a bit of creative consulting and brand strategizing.

It started 3 years ago, and I don’t promote it because it was not something I ever set out to do.
Rather, it was something that found me – smackdab in the middle of doing what I love – and I answered the call.
After all, much to my mother’s chagrin, I am not a business major. I am just a person who built the brand, and as strange as it sounds the brand just happens to be me. People took notice and started asking for help, and started PAYING me for it.
Yep. Not something I planned or had even attempted to manifest.
I am a creative, not a business person, I always thought.
It was a lovely lesson in avoiding labels, because labels can so easily be peeled off and applied elsewhere.
Recently, I had a growing experience when a friend asked if they could be a client and put me on retainer.
Eeek. 🙈
It made me very uncomfortable, so much so that I said I needed to take a day to think about it.
I mean, I love working with brands, charities and personalities, but a close friend who would pay me like they do?
But, then this friend put it beautifully, when addressing my initial hesitation with genuine confusion.
“Why does this make you uncomfortable? You are the best at what you do, and I want to hire the best. If not you, I’ll hire someone else, and why would I hire someone else when I have the budget to pay a friend who would do it better than anyone else?”
That made my decision MUCH easier.
And, it made me really get in touch with my hesitation, and where it stemmed from.
I realized that as confident as I have become as I’ve accrued years and experiences on this here planet and in this here Hollywood town, sometimes I question my value, even when I may not realize that is what I’m doing.
I find this particularly funny because I have no problem whatsoever letting others know what THEIR value is – so much so, that sometimes, I actually think my greatest strength is helping other people understand what their biggest value is on this earth.
Today, as I sat at a brunch meeting at Urth Cafe with a pr maven turned blossoming blogger, who was seeking some guidance and direction, I was reminded of this one area in which I am still growing, and learning…and, then I listened to my words to her as I said them.
“Know your worth. Don’t spend so much time trying to take care of everyone else, that you forget to take time for yourself. Sometimes, we involve ourselves in caring for others, so that we don’t have to be brave and do what we are most scared to do.”
Wow. WOW.
As much as we all have a responsibility to care for one another, our utmost responsibility is to care for ourselves.
And, one way to care for yourself, Dawn McCoy (and you, dear reader) is by recognizing your talents and strengths, making them readily available for other people…and KNOWING YOUR WORTH.

Dawnspiration: Monday got ya down?


Man, isn’t this the picture of Monday in a nutshell?

Reluctantly shifting back into action, tugging on our leashes, biting the proverbial hand that feeds us?

I met this little guy, Skates, on my walk today in Hollywood, and felt that his adorable resistance could be a message for us all, today. See, we all know that life is a gift, but we often forget that making a living is also a gift. You might not like your “leash,” – many people don’t 100% of the time – but I bet you like the life it affords you to have. Until we all are granted trust funds from God, and I don’t foresee that happening in the near future, it looks like we’re all gonna have to make peace with that “work” leash, and learn to loosen our bite on it a bit. Speaking of trust funds, don’t waste time being jealous of the trust fund kids – in my experience, they’re often just as lost in finding their direction as the rest of us, if not more.

And, sure, if you are struggling every day, you might want to look for another profession, but before you start looking for a job responsible for feeding you and your family, I would recommend finding an outlet that feeds your soul. Something to warm up to, if the work day leaves you feeling a bit cold.

So, start today.

Do something today that makes you feel good.


Give back.


Be entertained.

And, happy Monday!

Don’t you know?

Today signifies a week full of possibilities in front of you.

Dawnspiration: To Move Forward, You Must Look Back

L O O K. B A C K.

Dawnspiration: To move forward, you must look back.

Dawnspiration: To move forward, you must look back.

Oh, resolutions.

The most popular resolution besides weight loss?

Decluttering our lives.

But, for many of us, we’ve set this resolution before, only to see it failed to be resolved come next year’s end. Here’s the thing. Your environment reflects what’s going on inside you. Let me say that again.


If you have a cluttered home, chances are that you’ve got a cluttered heart, cluttered head, or both. I’m happy to report that there’s a solution that has been proven to work time and time again, for everyone.

To move forward and step into our best future, we have to look into our past. We have to take an inventory of what is either haunting us or holding us back. We have to see the behavior we continue to repeat that leads us to getting the same undesirable results. And, we have to see why we’re “stuck” there, so we can get unstuck.

I have encountered quite a few people in life who have no problem detoxing their bodies for days, but find detoxing their souls a little more daunting. I have had these same people tell me that they don’t believe in therapy or self-help or soul-searching or have tried it before and “it’s not for them.”

Well, you don’t have to believe in it, you just have to DO it.

And, I highly recommend getting a guide to help you along with this decluttering – whether it be a therapist, minister, yoga teacher, spiritual leader, reiki master, 12-step group, self-help book or trusted friend. Because, if we go alone on this intense-yet-rewarding journey of finding ourselves, sometimes all we find ourselves is lost.

So, find a partner to guide you on this soul-decluttering journey and take the first step to a world of infinite possibilities. By clearing out the clutter – and the wounds, heartaches and problems – of the past, you get much more comfortable with your present, and can make room for a beautiful future.

Dear 15 Me: Dance With Your Friends & Kiss That Sweet Girl In The Mirror For Me

One of the very best moments of my life happened last year, when the @Dear15Me movement was recognized on national tv, on The Real.

But, when I saw the episode again when it aired on January 1st last week (and again today!!), I realized that it’s been a little while since I’ve written one of my own #Dear15me letters to myself.

So, as we all start off this year, with lofty resolutions, holiday regret and – unfortunately for some of us – a little bit of self-hate, resentment and judgment, I thought it might be time to talk to that inner 15-year-old residing inside us again.

Dear 15 Me:Dance With Your Friends & Kiss That Sweet Girl In The Mirror For Me

Dear 15 Me:Dance With Your Friends & Kiss That Sweet Girl In The Mirror For Me



Dear 15 me,

Be gentle, honey.

Look at yourself in the mirror with that same kind of kindness that you always try to show others.

Stay off the scale. No number is going to make you happy, and the smaller the number gets, the weaker you seem to get. Weak does not equal beautiful, my dear girl.

So, instead of those crash diets and starvation and deprivation tactics you so fancy (and the bingeing episodes that seem to loyally follow), how about you try this?

Move every day.

Walk the dog.

Walk with your mom.

Dance with your friends.

Focus on being active and having fun during cheerleading practice, and less about how cute you wanna look in that skirt.

You’re already cute. I promise. SUPER cute.

One day, the boys will notice.

I promise that, too.

Drink at least 8 oz of water every hour.

Focus less on a lower number, and more on getting a gorgeous amount of greens in your life. Because, sugar, all those greens and all that water are guaranteed to make your skin glow.

Pinkie swear.

Instead of depriving yourself and focusing on what you can control through food because so much in life is out of your control right now, aim to eat healthy to fuel your active lifestyle during the week, and eat what you want for fun on the weekends. It’s called balance.

And, again, BE GENTLE.

You’re the best friend you’re ever gonna have.

And, let me tell you, that scale is the closest thing to an enemy you’re ever gonna know. So, be careful there, ok?

And, will ya do something else for me?

Kiss that sweet girl in the mirror for me.

I sure do miss her.

And, she never knew how truly special she was. 


Me at 38

Stars for breakfast..while feeling like a star

Stars for breakfast, with a side helping of feeling like a star, thanks to the ladies of the Dress For Success Going Places Network.

Stars for breakfast, with a side helping of feeling like a star, thanks to the ladies of the Dress For Success Going Places Network.

Stars for breakfast!

I gotta admit – I was feeling like a star myself this morning as I was multi-tasking to the extreme – sneaking bites of star toast in between working on a piece about accomplishing your goals, rolling calls and finalizing details for an interview with one of my life icons, tomorrow.

Then, I looked to the right of my laptop, and there were the kind & inspiring words from my @DFSwest ladies – and stars, themselves – yesterday. It was almost too much for this l’il heart of mine to take!

At each of my smaller speaking engagements, I create a “Feel Good Wall,” with the name of each guest on the top of a sheet of paper. Their fellow guests write below each name their positive first impressions of the person, glowing attributes of the person that they think they should know, and any positive thoughts of that person that come to mind.

It’s all about giving each guest a tangible piece of love, kindness and confidence that they can take home with them, and look at when they need it most. 💗🌟



Dress For Success Going Places Network: Who’s inspiring whom?

So honored to spend my morning speaking about creating your brand, social media as a tool, embracing your power, nurturing yourself and living a life you love to the women of Dress For Success Going Places Network.

I was there to inspire them, but I left feeling like I was the inspired one.

I was there to inspire them, but I left feeling like I was the inspired one.

The first thing I talked about?

My mom being a full-time community college professor, CFP & CPA – and a full-time mom – and learning my work ethic and drive from her, while still balancing femininity.

My theme? “Kindness is key” – both with others, and yourself.

The women I had the pleasure of speaking to today are bright, kind, assertive, hard-working, creative, loving, nurturing stories of success and survival. I hope I inspired them half as much as they inspired me.

Gratitude is the best attitude! (And donuts are the best morning treat!)

Gratitude is the best attitude! (And donuts are the best morning treat!)

And, you KNOW I brought something sweet!!


What you are close to…is reflected by you…is who you are

Honoree Oprah Winfrey at the Variety Power of Women luncheon at the Beverly Wilshire, Friday, October 9th, 2015

Honoree Oprah Winfrey at the Variety Power of Women luncheon at the Beverly Wilshire, Friday, October 9th, 2015

This picture may be fuzzy, but my memory of it will not be. I had someone I worked with recently tell me that they didn’t follow me on social media, because seeing what I was doing made them feel like they should be doing that, and made them feel inadequate.

As much as this hurt my heart to hear, I felt that it was an excellent learning experience for both of us. I told them that rather than viewing it as something they’re not getting to do now, to view it as something they can – and will – do in the near future, if they so want it, and work hard for it.

I have always believed that when those feelings of jealousy and inadequacy come up for us (and they do come up for us all), that instead of viewing them as challenges or roadblocks, we should see them as reflections – reflections of who we are, what we can do, and who we can become.
What you are close to…is reflected by you…is who you are.

As I sat there in awe yesterday at the @Unite4Good table at the Variety‪#‎PowerOfWomen‬ luncheon, looking at & listening to one of the people that I most want to be like – Oprah Winfrey – I realized that the closer I get, the shinier that reflection is, and the bigger and more realistic my dreams become.

As I told Dress for Success Worldwide – West a few months ago, “Rather than seeing things as a ‘have vs. have not,’ situation, I view everyone else’s success as a direct reflection of my own success. Their dreams coming true are a reflection of my dreams coming true. And, the hard work they’ve put in as the reflection of the work I have yet to do.”

Never has this been more clear than hearing this truly powerful woman share her story. Thanks, Oprah, for inspiring us all, and letting us reflect your light.

Like The Necklace Says…INSPIRE

Like the necklace says, I have a job to do on this earth: INSPIRE

Like the necklace says, I have a job to do on this earth: INSPIRE

A few years ago I attended an event that my friend Nicole Myden hosted for her jewelry client, Nalukai, at the time. I wore the necklace they gifted me with for a solid year. Then I placed it on my jewelry stand, where it has been hanging, lost and forgotten, amongst all the shiny things I’ve accrued since.

Yesterday, I watched my friend, Gabby Bernstein’s video, in which she spoke about sharing your gifts and not feeling like a fraud doing so. She talked about speaking your truth and not feeling guilty for being paid for the gifts you have to offer. I so needed to hear that.

As I got into bed last night after sharing a deeply personal Sunday night eclipse experience, I went to turn off my bedside light and spotted the Nalukai necklace, where it has been hanging on my jewelry stand for over a year. I haven’t noticed it there before. On it is inscribed: “INSPIRE.”

The wording on this necklace never spoke to me. All the guests had received different ones as gifts and I remember wanting “love” or something. As I looked at it, I got a chill – the good kind – as I realized that that is EXACTLY what I am here to do: to inspire, as much and as OFTEN as possible.

Here’s to an inspiring week for us all!