Friday Friendspiration: Rosy Garcia

Today, I’m kicking off a new post series: ‪#‎FridayFriendspiration‬!

Our first‪ #‎Friendspirer‬? See, what I’m doin’ there? My friend, & mentee, Rosy Garcia.

Friday Friendspiration: Rosy Garcia - mentoring, being a boss, cutting loose, having passion, and fair trade coffee.

Friday Friendspiration: Rosy Garcia – mentoring, being a boss, cutting loose, having passion, and fair trade coffee.

Since it’s‪#‎NationalMentoringMonth‬, who better than someone who has benefitted from mentoring, who is now a mentor?

Some of you have met my friend, Rosy, & many of you have seen her before in some of my social media posts or here on BeautyFrosting. I met Rosy at a Step Up Womens Network event 3 years ago, but few people know that she’s actually the reason I joined Step Up, and became a Luminary member…and, we have had many adventures since!

A UC Berkeley senior, majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies (!!!), Rosy is also a Step Up alum, & while I wasn’t her mentor in high school, I am honored to be both her friend, and an “adult mentor” to her now. So, when she called me this week, and said she needed some life advice, I couldn’t wait to catch up.

We headed to Pizzeria Mozza today, and did just that. I am so proud of the woman she is, and am so ecstatic and proud that she will be graduating from UC Berkeley this May, where I will be there cheering on from the audience. Let’s hope she doesn’t get too embarrassed. 🙈

Fun fact? Her thesis is all about Guatemala Coffee Cooperatives, and identifying how fair trade is flawed, when it comes to the coffee industry.

Her goal? To bring that knowledge to her family’s native country of Guatemala, and explain this to them.

With these, self-imposed goals, Rosy's future is…well…rosy!

With these, self-imposed goals, Rosy’s future is…well…rosy!

Rosy’s Top 5 Friendspiration Revelations:
1) If you’re not passionate about it, there’s no point. If there are no butterflies in your stomach, then it’s not real. ACTION TAKEN: Rosy changed her career path, when she realized this.
2) Cut loose a little bit more. I’ve really never done that because I had so much responsibility at home. I’ve learned to have fun.
3) What scares me most is going into an industry and not being able to get out.
4) Sometimes, you have to be clear that you’re the boss. (I am learning this, Rosy, I am learning.)
5) I had to get the guest speaker for our big Latino business association, and what he said has really stuck with me: “You can have long-term goals & long-term impacts that you want to make, but you can’t forget about making a small-time impact, where you are today.”
 Thank you, Rosy!
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