Stepping Up: The 12th Annual Step Up Inspiration Awards at the Beverly Hilton

Dawn McCoy  (ummm…me) at the 12th Annual  Step Up Inspiration Awards at the Beverly Hilton

Dawn McCoy (ummm…me) at the 12th Annual Step Up Inspiration Awards at the Beverly Hilton

Have I mentioned how much I love Step Up? I know, I know. I have – and have again.

The stars of Step Up with star, Lea Michele. Their lights all shine equally bright!

The stars of Step Up with star, Lea Michele. Their lights all shine equally bright!

The Step Up logo is more than just a logo…it's a mantra.

The Step Up logo is more than just a logo…it’s a mantra.

But it’s just because that’s how deeply it lives in my heart, and impacts my everyday life. I was introduced to Step Up by my best friend, actress Sarah Jane Morris 3 years ago, and I quickly became a member, changing my life  – and my heart – for the better.

My best friend, Sarah Jane Morris, & I at the 12th annual Step Up Inspiration Awards at the Beverly Hilton on Friday, June 5th, 2015.

My best friend, Sarah Jane Morris, & I at the 12th annual Step Up Inspiration Awards at the Beverly Hilton on Friday, June 5th, 2015.

This past Friday, June 5th, 2015 was my second year to attend the Step Up Inspiration Awards – and their 12th year of hosting this awards luncheon, so full of heart.

But this year, I didn’t just attend as a guest, I was also honored to be the announcer of the show – or as they call it – their “Voice of God.”

Are you there, God? It's me, Dawn.

Are you there, God? It’s me, Dawn.

And yes, you can call me that from now on. I’m kidding. Kinda.

Behind the scenes action at the Inspiration Awards. Generated by  IJG JPEG Library

Behind the scenes action at the Inspiration Awards. Generated by IJG JPEG Library

No, it really was a dream come true, and not just because it was the first time I had been the announcer at an awards show.

That's me. Always straddling the line between talent and press. Literally.

Being interviewed on the red carpet. That’s me. Always straddling the line between talent and press. Literally. I mean, we took down the rope so we could do interviews for #Dear15Me.

As I sat there with 850 others in the room, feeling my own dream come to life, I got to hear the stories of dreams coming true for so many others, including Julie Bowen…

The ridiculously impressive - and kind - Julie Bowen. Generated by  IJG JPEG Library

The ridiculously impressive – and kind – Julie Bowen. Generated by IJG JPEG Library

Cristela Alonzo…

Our charming emcee - and my fellow Texan (holla!) , Cristela Alonzo.

Our charming emcee – and my fellow Texan (holla!) , Cristela Alonzo.

Lea Michele…

The lovely Lea Michele at the Step Up Inspiration Awards. Generated by  IJG JPEG Library

The lovely Lea Michele at the Step Up Inspiration Awards. Generated by IJG JPEG Library

honoree Peter Kim of Hudson Jeans…

Honoree, Peter Kim, CEO of Hudson Jeans, as photographed by Amy Tierney

Honoree, Peter Kim, CEO of Hudson Jeans, as photographed by Amy Tierney

and honoree, actress & director, Elizabeth Banks.

Honoree, Elizabeth Banks, as photographed by Felix Salzman

Honoree, Elizabeth Banks, as photographed by Felix Salzman

But, I also got to see the girls of Step Up, whose dreams are coming true – like honoree Maria – simply by being able to graduate high school and attend college, thanks to Step Up, so that they can pursue their dreams.

Step Up Honoree, senior Maria Soto. This girl is everything we wish we were at that age!

Step Up Honoree, senior Maria Soto. This girl is everything we wish we were at that age!


Step Up believes all girls should have the opportunity to fulfill their potential, and the Inspiration Awards raises 55% of the funds Step Up needs to serve its Los Angeles community for one year. Know how much we raised this year? Over $400,000!! We went well past our goal of $75,000!

Speaking of raising money, I have never seen anyone in entertainment work so hard (while being SO adorable and full of heart) as Modern Family’s Julie Bowen did, while trying to raise that money. I wish I could say every celebrity put this much heart into their work with charities!

I've always really, really liked Julie Bowen, but after seeing her work her heart out? I can honestly say that I LOVE this woman!!

I’ve always really, really liked Julie Bowen, but after seeing her work her heart out? I can honestly say that I LOVE this woman!!

It was a day that I will always will remember, not just because I was surrounded by the most talented people with the most generous of hearts, but because for the first time, I actually could count myself as one of them. Thank you for letting me be a very small part of the magic, Step Up.

So incredibly honored to be in this company. Wow.

So incredibly honored to be in this company. Wow.

Memories like those never die.




Hats Off To Hudson! Hudson Jeans Summer Styles & the 12th Annual Step Up Inspiration Awards

Happy Thursday, friends!

Getting ready for the 12th Annual Step Up Inspiration Awards - and supporting a great designer, Hudson Jeans, who supports this organization that's  dear to my heart.

Getting ready for the 12th Annual Step Up Inspiration Awards – and supporting a great designer, Hudson Jeans, who supports this organization that’s dear to my heart.

Today is one of the many days that I’m feeling miiiiiighty grateful. The reason? I am so privileged to be the “Voice of God” for the 12th annual Step Up Inspiration Awards tomorrow, June 5th, 2015,  at the Beverly Hilton, presented by Hudson Jeans.

What’s the “Voice of God”? Well, it’s basically the announcer. But, doesn’t “Voice of God” sound waaaay cooler? Don’t give me the credit. Step Up wrote it right into the script! As you know, Step Up is one of my FAVORITE organizations and when they asked me to be a part of their annual awards show, I was ecstatic! There’s more about Step Up – and the Inspiration Awards – below.

But first, can we just talk for a minute about Hudson Jeans? I mean, how much do we loooove them? And not just because they fit like a glove, fit all sorts of sizes and body types, and feel delicious on our bodies, but also because they’re a huge sponsor of my beloved Step Up.

So much so, that Hudson Jeans CEO, Peter Kim, is their 2015 Inspiration Awards Honoree, along with actress Elizabeth Banks. Peter is being honored as Step Up’s Corporate Honoree because as a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, he continues to use his resources to raise awareness and funding for nonprofits and various programs in the Los Angeles area. An added bonus? He loves some adventure, this guy! Just like the adventure that so many girls seek out each year, when they head off to college or to a new city. He’s our kind of people, y’all.

Well, since Hudson Jeans is a proud sponsor of Step Up, am a very proud wearer of Hudson. Here are two of my Hudson picks for Summer, that I am loving. And I mean, looooooving!!!

1) Caught rehearsing at the Beverly Hilton on Thursday in my Skylar Relax Slim Straights – Smoke & Mirrors by Hudson Jeans ($220): The perfect boyfriend jean, that can turn into girlfriend jeans real fast, that’s how cute and versatile they are!

photo 1

Who? Me? Rehearsing as "The Voice of God"poolside  at the Beverly Hilton, yesterday.

Who? Me? Rehearsing as “The Voice of God”poolside at the Beverly Hilton, yesterday.

2) All I wanted in my teens was to look like Cindy Crawford. It’s ALL I WANTED. I wanted her beauty mark (which I kind of got, although it was a little up and to the left), prayed for her height of 5’9″ (which I got and totally believe that I manifested), and worked my little butt off to attempt to have her body (by watching – and exercising to – that Cindy Crawford workout video every day after school).


Well, I never got her body, exactly, but y’all…I finally manifested those jean cutoffs that she wore in that video, that I’ve been craving since 1992!

I finally got my beloved Cindy Crawford workout video cutoffs! It only took 23 years. Thanks, Hudson, for making this happen!

I finally got my beloved Cindy Crawford workout video cutoffs! It only took 23 years. Thanks, Hudson, for making this happen!

Thank you, Hudson, for making my dream come true with your Tori Slouch Short by Hudson Jeans ($165), which can be worn low on the hips for some Cindy-circa-1992 attitude, or high on the waist, all high-rise style, while seriously flattering any body type.


Feeling a little like Cindy, I won't lie

Feeling a little like Cindy, I won’t lie

I finally feel like Cindy Crawford; although, I doubt that I’ll be doing squats and pushups in these beauties!

Hats off to Hudson!

Hats off to Hudson!

And, what is Step Up?


Step Up propels girls from under-resourced communities to fulfill their potential by empowering them to become
confident, college-bound, career-focused,
and ready to join the next generation of professional women.



Step Up believes all girls should have the opportunity to fulfill their potential.



Step Up is a special place where we all propel the fulfillment of potential. We take pride in our core values from which we develop our culture, our brand, and our impact strategies.

You can buy your tickets here!

Hope to see y’all there tomorrow!

I‘ll be the voice of God you’re hearing.





Reward Rosy Day

As with many inspirations in my life, it started unexpectedly…with a text. From Rosy (accompanied with pictures): “Do you know of a salon with a good colorist? I’m looking to change my look a bit.”

Oh, Rosy, you don’t even know the heavenly hornet’s nest you just stirred up.

If you checked out my post yesterday, you learned all about Rosy Garcia – a very inspiring girl and special friend of mine whom I met through my involvement with Step Up Women’s Network, an organization that I just love to bits. That one innocent text led me to deciding that instead of just taking her to afternoon tea, as I had planned, to celebrate her hard work and UC Berkeley acceptance, I needed to give this girl a day of pampering before she took off to begin her new collegiate chapter.

But I knew I couldn’t do it alone. So I gathered some of my top-tier beauty friends and salons, who were excited to help, and we ended up giving her a day to remember. As much as I had meant for it to be a gift for her, it ended up being an even bigger gift for me.  I got to spend a day with Rosy and get to know her not only as a mentee and Step Up alumna, but also as a friend. Learning more about Rosy led me to respect her even more than I already did, and made me very giddy about the future she has ahead of her. Now, every time she texts me or posts on social media, it’s like connecting to a member of my family. The pride I feel for her accomplishments? There’s nothing like it. Pure joy.

Here’s what Rosy experienced on Reward Rosy day, thanks to my talented and generous friends in the beauty world. Let it inspire you to take a “Reward You Day” of your own at these, a few of my fabulous beauty meccas.

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014: Reward Rosy Day


8 am Gagik of Uber started the day off on the right foot by picking Rosy up at her home in an Uber Black car.

The queen has arrived! Reward Rosy Day begins with the help of Uber

8:30 am Then he dropped her off to meet me for a quick breakfast at Blu Jam Cafe, where we had the sweetest waitress, Chloe, who made sure the breakfast was a delight! Rosy needed to fuel up for the big day ahead! And I, unfortunately, had to hot-step it over to Santa Monica to record some voiceovers for Marshall’s!

Rosy and I at Blu Jam Cafe for breakfast

9:30 am  I dropped off Rosy for 3 hours of pampering at Zenii Skin and Nails, where the ladies of Zenii made her feel like a queen. I’ve been going to Zenii myself for a while for all sorts of services. So what keeps me going back? It just feels like home. It’s comfy, quick and everyone’s courteous and, thankfully, creative. On the agenda for our girl, Rosy? They started with their Classic Laddi Facial ($60) by esteemed esthetician, Candace, whose facials and waxing are SERIOUSLY legendary. She was left with clean, gorgeous and glowing skin – just what a UC Berkeley student needs to get her on the right path of a lifelong skincare regimen. Next, they shaped her brows, giving a defined frame to her already beautiful face. And lastly, she enjoyed a gel manicure ($40) and a Classic Ladii pedicure ($25).

And, lastly, those lovely ladies of Zenii gifted her with a beauty kit of her own to maintain her look, complete with exfoliating gloves and nail care kit. Zenii is zeee best!

Queen Rosy getting her Ladii pedicure at the fabulous Zenii Skin and Nails. What's she thinking, you ask? "I could get used to this."

Rosy getting her gel mani at Zenii Skin and Nails

12:30 pm Next on Rosy’s agenda? The hair she was dreaming about at Maven Beverly Hills, with my friend – and fellow southern belle – Meredith Morris. After consulting with Meredith and showing her Rosy’s ombré inspiration pics, she decided to do some of her famous melted highlights and ombré to create Rosy’s dream look. Now, here’s what you have to know about Maven Beverly Hills. It reminds me of the salons I grew up going to in Dallas…except, well, a bit more chic. Besides Meredith’s visionary talent, when it comes to the coifs she creates, her design aesthetic is straight off of my favorite Pinterest inspiration boards. So, not only are you getting a great color and cut, but you’re doing it in the most pretty, pristine environment in town. And Meredith’s beautiful blue eyes and charming accent certainly don’t hurt.

Here is Rosy, PM (Pre-Meredith):

Rosy: Pre-Meredith (side)

Rosy: Pre-Meredith (back)

And during. (I had to include this, y’all. Rosy sent it to me with this caption, “I feel like Storm from X-Men!!!”)

Storm, er, I mean Rosy during her Maven experience

Aaaaaaand Post-Meredith (PM). Oh shoot, I already did that! Okay, we’ll go with Post-Meredith.

Post-Meredith: Rosy with melted highlights and the ombré she craved

After this pic, Meredith moved on to her next appointment (she's a busy gal) but she was kind enough to let our next surprise take place at her studio!

2 pm: In comes my friend – and suuuuper talented makeup artist, and all-around sweet gal – Colleen from Pixi Beauty to give Rosy a makeover.

Colleen pixifying our girl, Rosy at Maven Beverly Hills

And not just a makeover. Pixi also gifted Rosy with all of the beauty essentials she’d need as a busy UC Berkeley babe! Here’s Rosy with her favorite Pixi shadow palette!

Rosy with her new friend and beauty guru, Colleen from Pixi. Just LOOK at those brows!!

3 pm: I had planned one last surprise for Rosy – afternoon high tea at The Peninsula Beverly Hills. And, it was a treat for me too because I’d never had afternoon tea there before in its entirety! It was luxe, y’all. But the more luxe part was getting to just sit…and relax after a busy day…and really catch up and connect with Rosy. For more of what we talked about, read yesterday’s post. Be sure to read what Rosy has to say about why she’s one of the most confident people I know. I promise it’ll inspire you, like it did me. As for the yummy stuff? Ohhhh. It. Was. Good.

Teatime with Rosy. Cheers to many more! At The Peninsula Hotel's Afternoon Tea with Rosy on Reward Rosy Day

No big deal. Just Rosy and I sipping some tea and showing off our gorgeous Zenii gel manis.

Um, did I mention that it was yummy?

6 pm: Now, here’s the thing. It was time to take Rosy home. But, well, I didn’t want to. Nope. Not yet. No, I’m not talking about kidnapping, but it did feel like a shame for her to be dressed up with no place to go. Soooooo…

6:30 pm: We went to The London West Hollywood rooftop pool! Not just randomly. I had an American Brand Project event to attend, and I had the prettiest date in town! We took in the sights of the city and snapped a few pics before taking Rosy home.

I thought I looked like Cher from Clueless in this pic. Rosy LOVED it. I think because it's funny? Or ironic? Or both. But now, I love it, too. Because it's the perfect pic for the end of our perfect day. Really. A PERFECT day. When can you say that?

And I have to tell y’all this. Sorry to out you, my friend, Rosy. But my favorite part of this whole day? Rosy just couldn’t stop looking at herself in the mirror. She’s a humble girl, so don’t get me wrong. But it speaks volumes about what an impact Zenii, Maven and Pixi Beauty had in making her feel her best as she headed off to UC Berkeley that week. At one point, I was asking her a question repeatedly, and she was so distracted by her own beauty, she didn’t even hear me. My heart just melted.  It really was my favorite moment because I knew we’d made something special happen, which is exactly what I wanted for this girl, Rosy, who makes special things happen for everyone all the time.

The note I wrote for Rosy on the Cover Girl Inspiration wall at a VMAs event the next night.



The Container Store Opens Today at The Farmers Market in LA!

I am SO excited for the grand opening of The Container Store at the legendary Farmer’s Market at The Grove in Los Angeles today! They’re open today 9 am-9 pm and tomorrow 10 am-7 pm and 10% of every purchase made will go to my fave organization, Step Up Women’s Network – of which I am proud to be a visionary member. There will also be prizes and giveaways and more!

I'm so excited! I just can't fight it - about the grand opening of The Container Store at the Farmer's Market at The Grove today!


If you want to get organized – and need a little inspiration – head over to yesterday’s post – The Container Store Diaries: My Closet Makeover on BeautyFrosting to see how they got ME organized! It will surely inspire your organizational process.

Also, I was honored to co-host the VIP Preview Party of The Container Store this past Thursday, along with Sarah Jane Morris, Daniel Musto, Trina Turk, Amy Davidson, Ashley Jones, Lacey Chabert, Liz Dennery Sanders, Alison Deyette and more!

What's better than getting to host a Step Up Women's Network event? Getting to host with my fellow co-hosts, fellow Step Up member and dear friends, actress Sarah Jane Morris and style expert & host, Daniel Musto

My fellow co-hosts, actress Amy Davidson and host, Alison Deyette and I, along with our good friends, Melissa Wallace and Chrissy Kling of Good Carma Studio

With one of my favorite Step Up graduates - Rosie.

It was an evening filled with dancing, delicious food – and, of course, a private preview of the new Container Store opening at the Farmer’s Market at The Grove!

Now open! The Container Store at The Farmer's Market at The Grove in L.A.!

They even served food on their products? What do I mean? I mean, they used file boxes and pencil containers as vases…

The crafty catering display of The Container Store featuring catering by Tres LA.

Desk trays as catering displays and more!

Dessert displayed in desk trays? Brilliant. And so apropos and on brand.

So go get your shopping on!!

Excited to shop!!



BF Asks: What’s first on your Container Store shopping list?


The Container Store Diaries: My Closet Makeover

As a young girl in Dallas in the 1980s and 90s, I remember spending summer (seemingly) months on end, walking down the aisles of The Container Store. See, my mom was passionate about elfa units the way that I’m passionate about Los Angeles, cupcakes, beauty products and people.

Unfortunately, her lust for organization did not get passed on down to me. Many people are actually shocked when I tell them that I am surprisingly not a Type-A, hyper-organized person. Quite the contrary, actually. I wish that I cleaned when I got stressed. Instead, I’m more of a nestle in and watch a movie with a glass of wine kind of girl.

So, when I heard The Container Store was opening at the Farmer’s Market at The Grove this Saturday, August 9th, I had mixed emotions. The nostalgic me was SO excited that the organization mecca of my youth would be right down the street but the organizing procrastinator in me…knew I was in trouble. I knew that I would no longer have an excuse not to organize and the time had come. What time was that? It was time to become a grown-up and get my those little nooks and crannies of my life in order.

Fate stepped in, when I was asked to be a co-host of The Container Store’s VIP Preview Party and the incredibly kind folks of The Container Store offered to do a complete closet makeover on my hall closet.  Now, I don’t know if they knew what they were getting themselves into but this “walk-in” closet? Um, not so walk-in. In fact, it’s quite a small space. As a 1920s building, this closet was built with two horizontal hanging rods (one in front of the other so you never can see your clothes) and one shelf up high, with lots of wasted, unusable space.

While the sheer logistics of how to fit everything dumbfounded a visual-spacially deficient person such as myself, The Container Store, thankfully, had a plan for me. They sent Mark Rewerts to give me a preview of their ATHOME personalized design and organization service to complete the ooh-la-la overhaul for me.

Our organizational wizard, Mark Rewerts, from The Container Store. Mark organized my closet and organized my best friend, Sarah Jane Morris's closets and laundry room. To say we're sweet on him would be an understatement. Here we are hugging on him at last night's VIP Preview Party at The Container Store Farmers Market.

I had sent them all the measurements ahead of time, along with accurate pictures of the space, and they had sent me a mock-up of the design. I had NO idea how it was gonna work with my small space but every single person at The Container Store was as kind and encouraging as you could ever imagine, and made me feel totally comfortable.
So how did the makeover go? It was LIFE-CHANGING.

AFTER: The Container Store turned this small space into a closet that I love getting dressed in now.

Here’s how I prepared for it and how The Container Store made it one heck of a magical makeover.
A good rule of thumb. The basic philosophy of The Container Store when it comes to organizing? Their three key rules to organization are visibility, accessibility and flexibility.  For visibility, choose containers that are either transparent or that you can easily label to help immediately identify the contents and save valuable time. Looking at accessibility, make sure that the items you need most often are the easiest to access. Likewise, place the items you don’t need to get to as often on a higher shelf or in another area. Lastly with flexibility, select a storage system – like elfa® – that can adapt to your changing needs. That way, you can reconfigure and reuse solutions to solve a variety of storage and organization problems. Yep. That does it!
Know your space. The first thing The Container Store had me do was to measure my space and take some pictures of it. You’ve seen the AFTER, now here’s the BEFORE:

BEFORE the magical makeover of my closet by The Container Store: Double hanging rods where I couldn't see anything, 1 shelf (which I found perfect for junking up) and way too much height with nothing to do with.

From there, they asked about what my wardrobe included. To be honest, my daywear often consists of workout wear (so I’ll get to the gym), jeans and t-shirts and tanks. But at night is when I step it up. I usually have an event pretty much every night of the week – sometimes two! So to keep the outfits that I plan on wearing – especially the outfits that I’ve been sent by designers or brands to wear to these said events – I needed a handy option. When Mark arrived to organize the space, he had a plan. My whole wardrobe would be in my larger hall closet but to accommodate my jam-packed schedule with events every night, I could hang the week’s wardrobe on the back of my bedroom door. We created more space by using a Good Grips Fold Away Overdoor Valet ($14.99).
Color your world. Well, at least the little world you’re making over. In my case, I decided to match my closet space to a bag I have kept for years from La Durée.

I matched my closet color to my favorite Parisian macaron bakery bag. Well, kinda. One lesson I learned? Always choose a shade or two lighter than what matches when it comes to small spaces. I should have listened to Mom. She warned me.

Johnny, from The Container Store, came on out on a Sunday and painted it perfectly. One lesson I learned to share with you guys? When it comes to small spaces, don’t pick the paint color that matches exactly. Choose a color that’s a shade or two lighter than the color you’re trying to match. That green got real green real fast.
Work with the space you have. Instead of trying to fight your space, work with the space you have. In my case, I have a pretty tall and deep closet but it’s not very wide. So, my closet designer in Dallas, Reed, decided to add an elfa unit with three shelves and two hanging rods to hang my shorter items on. They also attached an elfa Gliding Tie and Belt Rack ($29.99) to hang my vast amount of belts on.

The Gliding Tie and Belt Rack. This is just a few of my 36 belts. Trust. It was too much for you guys to take by including in the pic.

To increase my hanging space, we switched out my old, multi-colored hangers (which sucked up space) for their Ivory Huggable Hangers ($6.99 for 10). A new-to-me product that I never even knew existed was the Lanca Stainless Steel Valet Flip-Down hook ($29.99). Johnny and Mark installed two for my long-hanging dresses (i.e. all of those dresses, skirts and pantsuits I love so much). It increased the space dramatically in my closet, all while allowing me supreme visibility.
Get over it. Over the door, that is. The biggest difference in my closet makeover? I CAN SEE MY SHOES!!! All my shoes!!! While my heels and wedges are on the shelves…

I can see my shoes!!! Thanks, Container Store!!

and my beloved boots are on the floor with Boot Shapers ($9.99)  in them…

A few of my boots sitting upright (yay!!!) with Boot Shapers in them. Brilliant. Thanks again, Container Store!

the biggest wow-factor was the 24-Pocket PEVA Overdoor Shoe Bag ($14.99). I can FINALLY see all of my flats, flip flops and short-heeled shoes as soon as I open the door. They’re not on the floor of the abyss of my closet anymore. I had actually forgotten what some of these shoes looked like!!

I can see my shoes!! All my shoes!! Thanks, Container…geesh, I can't stop saying thank you!! p.s. I love the clear bag because that La Durée green really pops through!

Display what delights you. Most of your closet should be organized for accessibility and ease. However, I decided to display the pieces that make my heart sing by hanging them on the front of the right valet hook. The pieces I chose? My sequined shell tops and my Pucci nightie and robe. They make me smile every time I open my closet now.
Now, I’ve started a list of other projects I want to tackle with The Container Store at my side. Among them? A new office space, a DIY Trashcan creation and, you guessed it, an overhaul for my makeup organization. Mark was amazed at how many products I had and actually asked if he could take pictures. I’m an organizer’s dream because there’s so much to do! Ha! I’m just so happy I can now get it all done with The Container Store Farmers Market right down the street.
But I think I may have competition because someone else seems to really like our new closet. Shoot.

Miss Ellie staking her claim. I may be in trouble.

*If you need to get your life – or, at least your home, organized, be sure to shop at The Container Store Farmers Market tomorrow, Saturday, August 9th and Sunday, August 10th. 10% of all purchases will go to Step Up Women’s Network, of which I am so proud to be a Visionary member. The Container Store will also be giving away gift cards and prize giveaways so no matter how you slice it, you win big this weekend when you shop!
BFBF Asks: How could The Container Store help you get organized?

High-Low: It Takes A Village & Too Much Everything

HIGH: It Takes A Village

High-Low: It Takes A Village

Well, you may have noticed that I took a little break from BF the past few weeks. Believe me, it was not voluntary. I was in the throes of celebrating our BeautyFrosting 2nd bloggiversary and threw quite a fête here at The Cupcake Palace to celebrate (more on that later).

With the help of my mom, friends, assistants and generous sponsors, I “single-handedly” threw the party that I had dreamed of to celebrate 2 years of BeautyFrosting. See, that’s the joke! Everyone said, “Wow! How did you manage to pull off a party at your home for 70 people when it’s just you working full-time at it?” Well, here’s the thing. I may be a one-man shop but I’ve got a whole host of people who help it run smoothly and make it so much more fun. From friends to part-time assistants to my champions cheering me on, I never feel like I’m alone in making my dreams come true.

I am so lucky to be surrounded by people who believe in the beauty of my dreams and who encourage me to keep doing my best and giving my all every single day. I am beyond thankful for them.

So, my high this week is all of you folks who have supported me the past 2 years, who helped make this dream of a “BF Turns 2″ bloggiversary party a reality and to the people who inspire me every day. There are SO many of you but let’s just start with the party people who made my party a seamless and beautiful affair: Mom, Vanessa York, Chris Richards, Lindsey Vaerst, Joey LiMandri, Lindy Ryan, Heather Adair, Rosy Usagi and Malina Li. Between stuffing giftbags, hanging decorations, shopping at HomeGoods, bringing ice, waiting for people to arrive, offering to help in any way and offering moral support, y’all make it all so much sweeter!

 LOW: Too Much Everything

LOW: You can do anything but you can't do EVERYTHINGI’ll be honest with ya, here. People often ask me how I do it all – “How do you come up with ideas to write about? How do you go to so many events? How do you stay so positive? How do you make time for spin class? How do you make time for makeup? How do you find time to bake with all of that going on?” And when they ask me this, I always feel really flattered. I’m so happy that I make a busy life seem so easy and fun. But let me tell you, y’all, it’s not all rainbows and cupcakes and puppy dogs all the time. The past month has taught me a lot. The main thing is this little life lesson above – “You can do anything but you can’t do everything. Yep. I hear ya. LOUD AND CLEAR.

For a person who really thrives when they’re multi-tasking as much as I do, it’s really hard to know your limits. And it’s even harder for me to say no to a friend or business associate. But, by golly, I am learning  – albeit, verrrry slowly – that I cannot do everything, no matter how hard I try. I can’t do it all. I can’t please ’em all and  I can’t be it all to everyone. But I sure can try to do my healthy best.

So today I am trying to focus on the things that I can do, the ways I can improve the lives of those around me and am trying to let go of the superfluous so I can have a little bit more me-time every now and then. Because when your business is, well, you, the lines can between work and play can get pretty blurry.


BF Asks: What was your High-Low this week?

*So what exactly is a High-Low, you ask? High-Low is the BEST & WORST part of your day, week, month, etc. I started this tradition with friends & family after I discovered it through a movie decades ago. Not only is it useful for reflection sake but it is also an excellent way to communicate with your spouse, kids or friends over the dinner table. By introducing this tradition to folks, parents have told me that their kids have opened up more and friends have told me that their spouses have become more communicative. Try it for yourself and let me know what your experience is! 

High-Low 1/27/14: Sweeter Than A Cupcake & Sitting With Sadness (thanks, Louis C.K.!)

Here’s my High-Low this week. It was a week filled with sweetness, gratitude, love and light and a little bit of sadness. I just consider myself lucky that I get to feel the entire range of emotions. I’m realizing that there are many people who either physically can’t feel these emotions or have blocked themselves to where they’re devoid of feeling emotions on such a scale. So while that means that I’ll have my share of ups and downs over the years, it also means that I’ll be able to continue to share my High-Lows with you all. Lucky ducks…


HIGH: SWEETER THAN A CUPCAKE - "I Dream To…" Mentor Day with Step Up Women's Network at the Dermalogica headquarters

This past Saturday morning, I showed up at the Dermalogica headquarters in Carson, California to participate in Step Up Women’s Network “I Dream To…” Mentor Day. I am a visionary member of Step Up Women’s Network and am a big fan because their sole mission is to help inspire girls from under-resourced communities to live up to their full potential. They have done this so effectively that 100% of Step Up graduates over the past 4 years have been accepted to and currently attend college.

I had no idea what to expect and to be honest, I was a little nervous. But after meeting my mentee, “S.”, all of my nervousness went away. We were very different and yet we had qualities at our cores in common which bonded us.

My goal going into the day was to encourage, inspire and motivate her. So imagine my surprise, after spending the day together when I was the one tearing up as I read her letter of gratitude to me and realizing how much she had taught me.

I learned more from this 15-year-old in one day than I have learned from most people in the past month. And by sharing with her some of my successes, struggles and strategies, I actually learned lessons that I didn’t even know I needed to learn.

I am so thankful to have met S. and to have been able to share this day together. My hope is that she took as much away from the day with me as I took from my time spent with her.



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This past week – like so many other weeks we have in life – I had a bump in the road. I felt sad, disappointed, confused and totally out of my comfort zone. As the extrovert that I am, my initial instinct was to pick up the phone and call a close friend. Usually, that’s what I do. I call my Mom or call or hang out with one of my best friends and share my woes with anyone that I trust. I tell them what’s going on so they can help me work through it and by the end of the call or visit, I get over it and feel better…somewhat.

But this time was different. As I was picking up the phone, I remembered that chat that Louis C.K. had on Conan about cell phones, sadness and basically how it all ties back into our fear of sadness and our fear of being alone. He told a story about getting really sad in his car while listening to Bruce Springsteen’s “Jungleland” (best song ever!!) and how his first instinct was to text like 50 people. But instead of doing that, he took contrary action and just let the sadness hit him like a truck and pulled over and bawled his eyes out. He said that afterwards, he actually felt better because it was like there were antibodies of happiness that came along to counter the extreme sadness.

So, I tried it. I sat in the sadness and let it take me over. I cried like a baby on my bed. I let myself feel out of control. And, well, it worked. I’m not saying that it made me feel all better but it certainly helped me get a little bit more comfortable in my own skin that day. And I truly feel blessed that I get to have those sad moments because they make the happy ones that much sweeter.



BF Asks: What was your High-Low this week?

*So what exactly is a High-Low, you ask? High-Low is the BEST & WORST part of your day, week, month, etc. I started this tradition with friends & family after I discovered it through a movie decades ago. Not only is it useful for reflection sake but it is also an excellent way to communicate with your spouse, kids or friends over the dinner table. By introducing this tradition to folks, parents have told me that their kids have opened up more and friends have told me that their spouses have become more communicative. Try it for yourself and let me know what your experience is! 

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